You wish to organize a low cost holiday? A sailing holiday in Greece is cheaper than you think. You only have to book in advance to get your early booking discount. Booking in advance will also enable you to find reasonable fares for your flight or ferry tickets.

Apart from the price for the boat charter as you can find on our “Terms and Condition” page, you need to consider only supplies costs and ferry tickets, while we will provide for skipper, bed linens, towels and the mooring in the Marina, when necessary.

In Greece dining in one of the typical restaurants or cheap tavernas is an economically favourable alternative for those who don’t wish to cook on they own. In fact, an average meal in Greece can cost 15 €, or even 10 € during off season.

From our experience, we can assure you that all extras, like suppling costs (water supply, fuel, daily grocery shopping and at least 4 dinners in a bistro) cost around 100 € per person in a week.

As for the ferry tickets we can provide you a 20% discount with the Minoan Lines, our partner, to which you have the possibility to combine it with other offers, for example an early booking discount from 15% to 20%.

We wish to propose you a most accurate estimation possible of all the average expenses required for such an holiday, with possible differences depending on each one’s personal habits. But we are sure that if you will keep in mind our suggestion, you won’t need a larger budget.