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Here you will find any information you may need to organize your sailing holidays among the Greek Ionian Islands in summer and in the Caribbean Sea in winter.

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The Fleet

Our sailing boat meets our guests’ comfort and performance requirements and is based in one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world, Ionian Greece. Our yacht is kept  with care and attention to details, and offers up to 5 double cabins, most of which with their own private bathrooms for your comfort and privacy. Spacious decks and cockpits provide many options for lounging and enjoying your meals or tasteful aperitifs.

Ionian Greece


Ionian Greece

Our itinerary starts from Lefkas Marina and develops among the so-called Seven Islands, an archipelago of seven major islands and a multitude of minor ones, each of them within a few hours’ navigation. Together with the summer favorable weather conditions, the islands’ proximity makes the region good for everybody, families and children, allowing you to have an unforgettable holiday filled with sailing, beauty, culture and history.

The skipper Tommaso Massari


The Skipper

Trust the experience of our skipper. He will be at your disposal with his technical and personal knowledge, with the aim to combine relax, safety and adventure in your exploration of the Ionian islands. Choose our crewed charter boat or follow us in flotilla, and take the opportunity to improve your ability to sail and use our deep knowledge of the places and people to have a wonderful Greek experience.

Caribbean Sea


The Grenadine Islands

Spending the New Year’s Eve in the Caribbean has been the dream of all of us at least one time. Now you can realize this dream with the skipper Tommaso Massari, sailing around the colorful and exotic atmosphere of the Grenadines to discover new landscapes, cultures and traditions, starting from Martinique and moving to St. Lucia and St. Vincent to the park of Tobago Cays and Union Island.

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